rirox  (りろっくす)







はじめまして。東京都出身のシンガーソングライター、rirox です。 

2020年1月より、主にYouTube・サブスク配信等のSNSを中心に活動を開始しまし た。

rirox は re(再び)+rock(ロック) の造語で「もう一度ロックする」という想いで自分なりのロック像を思い浮かべつつアーティスト名に託しました。 なんだかほっとしたい時に、もう一歩自分の足で踏み出したい時に、ちょっとだけ心が痛い時に、リスナーの心にすっと入りこむような歌を語ります。




I practiced piano seriously. I never thought of becoming a pianist.
I made a melody. I thought it’s fun.

I aimed for a music teacher seriously. After getting a teacher license. I noticed I’m still a learner.
I put my thus thoughts into words. Then I felt at ease a bit. 

I entered a company I really wanted to work at. Nevertheless, I needed a place to spit out my voice.
Somehow, I wrote a song. I had no courage to deliver it.

In autumn 2019, I found a footage on YouTube. It’s about working people challenging what they like. Some person mentioned “it’s OK to aim for a professional artist even after becoming an adult”. I felt at ease with the idea of delivering my message at this timing.

Nice to meet you! I’m rirox, a singer songwriter in Tokyo.
I started MV uploads and song releases in January 2020 through SNS like YouTube, DSP and so forth. rirox is a coined word, which is a mixture of ‘re’ plus ‘rock’. I named myself wishing to ‘rock again’ in my style.
Hope my songs would sooth you tenderly when you would like to feel at ease, step forward with your own feet, and feel a bit pain in your heart.